Dissolve MKO (mojAhedine khalgh ORGANIZATION)


Foreword-May 9, 2003-The development of MKO (aka MEK and PMOI) since I wrote this article a year ago has shown violation of human rights by MEK organization is worse than it was at the time I wrote this article, and more former members have reported of jailing and murder of former memebers by that organization.  I have recently written about the ceasefire of MEK and the U.S.  Also I have written a request to international human rights organizations to ask the U.S. to have access to MEK in Iraq, to investigate the human rights violations reported by MEK members including the murder of former members in Saddam's jails.

I would not say "marg bar Rajavi". I would not even say "marg bar khAmeneii". But I want to see the demise of the MKO organization. If they were in power, I would say "Down with MKO Republic.” 

In fact, there are many organizations in Iran that I wish their immediate demise, such as bonyAd-e mostaza’fAn and the Islamic Republic as a whole.

I wish the *demise*, *dissolution*, *liquidation*, *vanishing*, of this MKO organization which is nothing but a block to the growth of Iranian pro-Democracy movement.  The more time passes the more they are becoming like the komit-e markazi-e hezb-e toodeh in the years after the 1953 coup.

I hope to see the dissolution of sAzmAn-e mojAhedin-e khalgh. An organization, which teaches its members to use black operations in the gatherings of Iranians to turn them around for their own demented goals, or to attack the genuine pro-Democracy activists, who resist them, using terror-e shakhsiat.

I do not wish death upon anybody. I wish death of an organization. I think it is long overdue that this organization should liquidate itself.

Some organizations like some communist parties liquidated themselves, when it was realized by their membership that their organization had become a moribund skeleton left with no content.

The MKO should be dissolved for the genuine people inside it to flourish. It has done enough damage to the Iranian pro-Democracy movement.

MKO as an organization is like a mafia trying to scare the independent thinkers and pro-Democracy activists of Iran, by black operations and badmouthing.  By terror-e shakhsiat  which it does against the pro-Democracy personalities who oppose MKO, thru bad-mouthing and personal attacks, and thru spreading rumors, which by now, is well-known in the Iranian political community.  


MKO supporters do not come forward as MKO and debate their *political* stands, rather they act as if they are not affiliated with MKO, and they make false accusations, and they badmouth Iranian political personalities, instead of debating the politics of their opponents..


Anytime anybody has criticized MKO, the next day he was called Vevak and all kinds of similar names, and MKO would levy all kinds of personal attacks and rumors against them..

The sooner the MKO organization is dissolved, the better off will be the Iranian pro-Democracy movement:

Hoping for a future_oriented, secular, democratic, and federal republic of Iran.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher



April 12, 2002






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