Independence Rhetoric of IRI Apologists



IRI agents and apologists tell us that IRI has done one thing right and that has been to make Iran independent and to keep US out of Iran.  This is another lie that many have naively accepted.  All US goods are everywhere in Iran at black market prices and people pay multiple prices for junk. The rhetoric of independence these people have fed Iranians is the same rhetoric that Soviet Union, China, Cuba,  and many other Communist states and their apologists fed the democratic minded people of the world for a century.  They use all kinds of attacks on Iranian democratic forces from lawsuits to spreading rumors to calling their opponents MKO and Monarchist to evade the main topic which is their nonsense of apology for Islamic Republic of Iran in the last 23 years, under the banner of independence.  I have written on the issue and their support for *unconditional* removal of sanctions on IRI when I had called for human rights condition for any removal of sanctions on IRI a long long time ago.  Here are my articles that they never responded to the topic of discussion and instead made personal attacks against me:


They do not want to go and live in Iran of Islamic Republic but they advocate it for Iranian people, who wish to live in the West which these IRI apologists are enjoying.  They never say anything about the tortures and killings in the Evin prison.  They do not talk about the murder of dissidents by IRI when talking to their favorite senators.  They have never condemned the death threat to Salman Rushdie.  Instead they have been the good will messengers of IRI in the US and other Western countries and do all of these with a pseudo-claim as if Iran is winning in this stupid "Death to America" rhetoric of IRI, and as if this rhetoric has brought independence for Iran, when in reality, all these anti-West slogans have brought more bondage for Iran and Iranians.  This is what I wrote about the "Death to America" slogan of IRI and Islamists a while back, and how it is exactly like the Soviet Communists indoctrination of the Soviet people and the abnormal attitude of always feeling at war with the West, which took so long to eradicate.  Please read what I have quoted from Popper in my article which sums up the experience of a half century of the same game of Islamists which Communists played:


What "Death to America" slogan and indoctrinations of weekly Friday prayers  have done to Iran is a culture where 15th of Khordad Foundation has been openly collecting money to kill Salman Rushdie and those pseudo-intellectuals of Iran who never condemned the death threat against Salman Rushdie and definitely none of this brought any independence for Iran.  What this kind of "Death to America" indoctrination, which one sees at every Friday prayer in Iran, has resulted in, is the fatwa against Salman Rushdie and murder of Iranian dissidents in Iran and abroad, and at a global scope, has resulted in WTC atrocity:


Why don't these people come straight forward and discuss the real issue on the table instead of beating around the bush.  The real issue on the table is not Naghi or Taghi and it is not anything personal about any of them.  The real issue is whether the policy of "Death to America" which I explained above has brought independence for Iran.  The real issue is that their support of *unconditional* removal of US sanctions against IRI has been helping the IRI big time.  Why don't they come out and discuss the *issues* instead of giving us stories.  This anti-West rhetoric has been the topic of difference within the progressive forces of Iran and it has made many of these forces the lackeys of IRI in the last 23 years, under the banner of "independence", and its theoretical basis has been the pseudo theory of Cultural Relativism which *is* a topic of discussion, and not whether they are nice guys or the opponents of Cultural Relativism are nice guys.  Who cares.  These *policies* have the significance and will have significance.  Dr. Bagher Zadeh, a long time ago, explained this issue of Cultural Relativism very well:


We are talking about a real *political* topic and need to get real response about the topic.   The communists were famous for a tactic to try to discredit the individuals challenging their nonsense, instead of addressing the topic.  Stalin when unable to silence Trotsky by personal comments, he sent a hit man to kill Trotsky in Mexico.  These IRI lobbyists and apologists are bad mouthing, using rumors, and lawsuits against their opponents instead of discussing the topic of discussion.  The topic *is* that IRI's policies are *not* bringing us independence and these policies have hurt Iran and Iranians for 23 years and the *apologists* of these *polices* have consciously or unconsciously helped IRI.  These are not about whether X sleeps with Y or not.  None of them are that important as individuals and as individuals the ones who run the show are Khameneis and Jannatis and Mesbahs and not these IRI apologists.  What is important here, and the Iranian pro-Democracy movement abroad has suffered from in the last 23 years, is the issue of IRI apology under the banner of independence and that is the topic of discussion:


In this day and age the countries like Singapore are the ones that have built the right relations with the West and not the countries like Cuba.  The countries like China for half a century created the wall against the West and used rhetoric calling the West all kinds of names and where are they now?  They are kissing the hands of the West when they have failed and are so backward half a century after their revolution.  How long could they blame it on capitalist encirclement and on revolutionary conditions.  The Soviet Union was another one of these countries which blamed all their failures, decades after decades, on the West's encirclement and gave the pseudo-image of independence and progress and of being above the West, decades after decades, when their people were using cow dump for heating.  This nonsense is not independence.  Please spare us from the same kind of nonsense Communism fed the world for over a century and Islamism is trying to feed us today.  This is not independence.  This is justifying the failure of Iran in the last 23 years with the rhetoric of pseudo independence:


We have had enough rhetoric about independence.  If these IRI apologists have anything to say, they better come out and discuss *issues* for a change.  Their gimmicks of attacking their opponents personally by spreading rumors or by using lawsuits to silence are old.  They better talk about *their* real *political* stands and examine their position of *unconditional* removal of sanctions and their speaking on behalf of IRI for over a decade now and their ignoring of the opposition news about the realities of Evin prison tortures and the killings of BakhtiAr, GhAsemloo, Foruhars, MokhtAri and the death fatwa against Rushdie, which they never condemned.  When the discussion focuses on the *issues*, they have nothing to say.  And unfortunately they do not have the *political* decency to come out and say they were wrong for being IRI apologists and they like to call it defense of Iran's independence.  Independence means being able to produce nanotechnology.  Independent means Japan which produces and co-produces for the global market and Japanese cars filling the streets of the U.S, that is independence in this world of interdependence and this cannot be created when a system is terrorizing the world, like the Soviet Communism in the past and Iran's Islamism today:


These are the topics about Iran's independence and not how Taghi and Naghi live and if they are nice guys, Khatami has been a lot more khandAn than them all and wins the nice guy award over all of them. Today the Iranian people are asking them about their *political* stand in the last couple of decades about IRI and whether that has been helping Iran's independence or bondage.  That is the people's question from those who have advocated these policies as pseudo independence and they know it well and  this is why they like to accuse anybody who challenges them on this issue either personally or as MKO or Monarchist, etc.  Let's see if they can discuss *issues* for a change instead of calling the critics  MKO and Monarchist.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


April 3, 2002






* The above article was first posted on Jebhe BB on April 3, 2002

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