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Sam Ghandchi: Freedom Lovers; Let's Support Hossein Ronaghi Iran's Mandela
For latest news about the Late #Mahsa_Amini, please check twitter acct of Masih Alinejad
4338-To FBI: IRI Infiltration of Facebook Management
PS: Flight 752: Iranian Lives Matter
PS: Masih Alinejad: Nominee for UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Regrettably now I need to work on my illness and financial issues
Did Trump Do the Right Thing to Support Late Navid Afkari
Mohammad Rasoulof
Sept 9th
Dear Friends, Please do not try to contact me; for anything please contact my dear friend Dr. Esmail Nooriala. Thank you, Sam
4330-Abbas Maroufi, Cancer and Dostarlimab
4329-To FBI: Please Investigate Facebook's Iran-Related Support Group
iransecularism.com: Editorial: Sam Ghandchi: Dr. Esmail Nooriala’s New Secularism
A few references to the role of Late Gorbachev in the events of last half century in the World
4327-Dr. Esmail Nooriala's New Secularism
PS: Stopping all Publishing till Further Notice
Ray Kurzweil recommending Chip Walter's book Immortality, Inc.
From IranSecularism.Com: Sam Ghandchi: Editorial: From Salman Rushdie To WTC
Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG)
World: Rights Group Lists 'Enemies Of Internet' At UN Summit
A World Vision from City of Heretics
Khamenei and Salman Rushdie
4326-Singularity: From Big Bang to Kurzweil's Technological Singularity
FYI, My Dear Friends
Sam Ghandchi's Articles in KurzweilAI.net
Sam Ghandchi's Articles in IranSecularism.com
Sam Ghandchi's Articles in Iranscope blog
Sam Ghandchi's Articles in ayandehnegar blog
Unfortunately Cannot Continue Publishing at This Time
4325-A Note about Thirty Years' War, Second Edition
4324-Iranian Left: Tudeh Party Doctrine, Guerilla Warfare Doctrine, and Today
PS: Preemptive Strike on Nuclear Sites is Genocide
What is New Age Music
4323-Name of the Individual who Ruined my Life in the U.S. because of Political Differences
4322-Mihanbaan Reza Pahlavi, khasteh nabaashid
An Error in Lenin's Analysis of Imperialism and Why it Matters for Democracy
4320-IRI Calls Masih Alinejad 'Official Member of CIA' and Legislates a New Law Against Her
PS: Preemptive Strike on Nuclear Sites is Genocide
PS: A World Vision from City of Heretics
PS:Warning to Iran's Left and Nationalists about Russia
PS:Power, Religion, and IRI Reformists, Second Edition
PS:From Kayla Mueller to AhmadReza Djalali; and Hamid Nouri's Trial
Philosophical Reflection: Rationalism and Futurism, First English Edition
PS: Sanders' 2020 Exit & Kurzweilian Futurism
Fairy Tale: The Fisherman and the Jinny
4314-Has AI Passed Human Intelligence? Yes and No
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Unfortunately Cannot Continue Publishing at This Time
Masih Alinejad: Nominee for UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Facebook Blocked Address of Mr. Hossein Ronaghi's Blog
4308-Freedom Lovers; Let's Support Hossein Ronaghi Iran's Mandela
Double Down
Unfortunately Cannot Continue Publishing at This Time
4307-Masih Alinejad: Nominee for UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
4306-Slaves of the Islamist God
4304-Philosophical Reflection: Rationalism and Futurism, First English Edition
4303-CDSD: Centers to Defend Secular Democracy
4302-­JCPOA & Opposition: 7 Years Ago vs Today
4301-Dr. Esmail Nooriala: A Secular Democratic Alternative for Iran
4300-To FBI: NIAC Lobbying in U.S. and Intimidation of Hossein Ronaghi in Iran
IRI's Justice Dept Better be Accountable about Metropol Crime rather than Take Medicine of Honest Hossein Ronaghi Hostage
4297-Unfortunately Cannot Continue Publishing at This Time
4295-Reject Dictatorship, albeit Temporary or Permanent
PS: Dear Friends, Will Not Publish Anything Next Week
4294-Connection of Metropol and Cinema Rex: Political Islam
4293-From 'Mohammad Taghi Falsafi' to Chic 'Russophiles' of Political Islam
4292-To Hassan Shariatmadari and Abdullah Mohtadi: Please Drop Federalism
PS: Why Newton Matters: Making a new World
4290-Problem is not Biden or Trump, My Fear is of
Sam Ghandchi's Twitter
My Memories of Savak Interrogations
4289-Warning to Iran's Left and Nationalists about Russia
PS: Dear Friends, Will Not Publish Anything Next Week
FYI: iranscope-dot-com
Eric Hoffer's The True Believer
4287-From Kayla Mueller to AhmadReza Djalali; and Hamid Nouri's Trial
4286-Is Intelligence Key to Progress: Both Yes and No
4285-Dear Friends, Will Not Publish Anything Next Week
Two Iranscope Pages
What is New Age Music
4283-Once Again about Some Hackers Attacking my Site
PS: To FBI about Cyber Attacks on my Home Internet

PS: Ukraine's Lesson: Need for a **Real** International Police in the World

4280-Ukraine and What Is Democracy

PS: Scientific Worldview and Meaning of Life

iransecularism.com: Sam Ghandchi: What is Secularism?

PS: End Justfiying the Means

4279-Instead of Sanctions, Tax Business with Russia and Iran Higher

4278-For me the First Intro to Anarchists was not from Books

4277-Does 'Turing Test' Work Better if 'Attention' is at Center of Mind Model

4276-A Conspiracy against Ms. Masih Alinejad Using a Fake Document

P.S: Assange, Wikileaks, President Trump, and the Establishment

4275-Will Russian Federation End like the Ottoman Empire

PS: From NY to Paris, 15 Years of Terror

Futurist Page: iranscope-dot-ghandchi-dotcom Updated

4273-Ukraine: Leftist Anti-war Leadership is Broken

4272-End of IRI Closer than Thought

4266-A Request for Financial Help

4265-A Critique of Masih Alinejad about Western Democracy

4263-Ukraine's Lesson: Need for a **Real** International Police in the World

4261-Kurzweil and Quantum Computers, Entanglement vs Causality


4260-Nowruz: To FBI about Cyber Attacks on my Home Internet

4259-Wishing Everyone a Happy Nowruz

iVOL's New Videos

4248-Ray Kurzweil's Deeper Mirrors and IRI Protection Bill

4247-Reason of Iran Teachers Protests

4246-From Saddam's Invasion of Kuwait to Putin's Invasion of Ukraine

Why We Have Fish For Nowruz

Day and Time of Tahvil-e Sal-e No 1401 Everywhere in the World

4242-2nd Grade: How did Multiplication Table Get into my Brain

4240-About Dr. Morgentalere 's Testosterone Therapy Method to Treat Prostate Cancer

Support Masih Alinejad for Noble Peace Prize

PS: Transhumanism and a Tribute to Fereidoun FM Esfandiary

4233-Joseph Coates' Review of Kurzweil's 'End of Death' Overture

PS: Global Lineups at the Present

PS: Sam Ghandchi: Stopping all Publishing till Further Notice

4220-Sideline: Practice for Formal Welcoming of Imam-Zaman in Iran

4218-Why Newton Matters: Making a New Universe

PS: Need Some Rest

4217-Futurism: Regime Change in Iran to Secular Democracy

4216-Secularism: Ordinary People vs Intellectuals

Iran's Futurist Party Page (iranscope-dot-com) Updated

Just to let you know-in Persian

4204-To FBI: About Google Groups

PS: End Justifying the Means

4200-Two Choices Beyond Kurzweil's Singularity

PS: Nov19 IRGC Street Massacre, a Hidden Holocaust by Halting Internet

PS: FYI: Delay in Distribution of my Articles in Google and Bing

Facebook did not allow me to publish this

Last Update of Second Series of Futurist Party Page, iranscope-dot-com

4190-Need Some Rest

PS: New Chinese Disinformation in Iranian Opposition Circles

PS: Biden and Iran: Need for Three Parallel Initiatives

PS: Cyrus Accords: Next Step for Iran and Israel

4188-If you are on L1 and/or L2 Read this with Attention

PS: Setareh Derakhshesh: Truth Stranger than Fiction

4186-FYI: Delay in Distribution of my Articles in Google and Bing

4178-Mehdi Khanbaba Tehrani: Naghi Naghachian Master Painter and a Kind Friend of Iran-lovers Wistfully Left Us

4176-New Chinese Disinformation in Iranian Opposition Circles

4175-Benjamin Wardhaugh about Abu al-Wafa Buzjani

4174-Kurzweil's Mind-Making, My Blind Thinking, and Euclid's Achievement

4173-Iran and Azerbaijan Republic: When the Tail is Wagging the Dog

subject index of ghandchi-dot-com

4171-Modified Capitalism, Modified Socialism, and Kurzweilian Futurism

PS:Tribulations and Longings

4169-A Comment: Bret Stetka's Book about Evolution of Brain

Descartes: The Lord has made three marvels: things out of nothing-ness; free will; and the Man who is God

4168-A Look at Sam Apple's Book about Otto Warburg

4166-Futurist Party Page (iranscope-dot-com): Last Update of Second Series

4165-Futurism: Why Studied Horse Population Growth Patterns of Last 150 years

4164-Masih Alinejad Reports: Saba Kord-Afshari's Life is in Danger

PS:Futurism: Nova Bookstore and Mundus Novus

Futurism: Nova Bookstore and Mundus Novus

4154-To Israel: Please do not do what Saddam did to Iran and Iraq

PS: United Front for a Secular Regime in Iran, Second Edition

PS:Tribulations and Longings

PS: A Question for IranscopeRealtimeNews Readers

4143-From Darwin to Kurzweil

From IranSecularism.Com: Sam Ghandchi: Why Shapour Bakhtiar Did Not Succeed In January 1979

4140-About 'Time Crystal' Discovery with Google's Quantum Computer

4137-Why US Left Afghanistan

PS: Why IRI Loudly Supported Hamas/Hezbollah Attack on Israel

iranscope-dot-ghandchi (ayandehnegar) was updated, please refresh

PS: This Pen: From Iran's Green Movement to Uprisings of Dec17, Nov19, July21

PS: Avi Loeb: ET & Lightsail to Proxima-b

4129-This Pen: From Iran's Green Movement to Uprisings of Dec17, Nov19, July21

4129-This Pen: From Iran's Green Movement to Uprisings of Dec17, Nov19, July21

Futurist Party page (iranscope-dot-com) was updated; please refresh

PS: A Note for Reza Pahlavi and Shahriar Ahy about Futurist Party

4115-Cyrus Accords: Next Step for Iran and Israel

4114-US Cold War with China and Russia Helps New Rise of IslamicKKK

4112-A Critique of Some Iranian Activists' Letter to Israeli Prime Minister

4111-Update: L1 & L2 Lists

4102-Tribulations and Longings

FYI: iVOL Institute

P.S: A World Vision from City of Heretics

4098-Futurist: Market Economy, Democracy and Social Justice

4095-Why IRI Loudly Supported Hamas/Hezbollah Attack on Israel

4093-Kurzweil: Intelligent Tools, Singularity and Obstacle

Announcement: Dear Friends, Because of Internet problems at the place I live, I cannot publish anything till further notice.

4090-Short Story of My Faradid Blog at VOA

PS: A Question for IranscopeRealtimeNews Readers

4082-To Blogfa about Baha'i Faith and LGBT: 10 Years an Article Faking my Name

PS: Kurzweil's PRTM Next Step in AI

4081-A Model for Future: Neither IranCity nor WorldCity

PS: Articles from March 14, 2021 to April 21, 2021

English: Posting on L2 twitter list

4079-US, IslamicKKK, and Iranian Opposition

4078-SOR:My Request for Security Clearance Disapproved

4077-Lack of Altruism

Preface 2021-New Human Variant

The site of Futurist Party (iranscope-dot-com) was updated

To post on IranscopeNews (L1 and L2), please **follow** the **list itself** on Twitter to be added to the list

About IranscopeNews Realtime

4075-Flight 752: Iranian Lives Matter

4073-US Government and Iranian Opposition Groups

4072-Chinese Neo-Trumpism will Fail like the Neo-Maoism

PS to Yesterday's Article: A Conversation with Hassan Shariatmadari about Reza Pahlavi's New Speech and the Reactions

P.S.: Reza Pahlavi's Historic Speech Rejecting Hereditary Government

4070-A Note for Reza Pahlavi and Shahriar Ahy about Futurist Party

4069-An Invitation to All Friends to Review Futurist Party/Iranscope.com Site

4068-To Ayatollah Khamanei: The Dilemma of your Regime will not be Fixed by New Nuclear Threats

From IranSecularism.com: Sam Ghandchi: Reza Pahlavi's Historic Speech Rejecting Hereditary Government

4062-Reza Pahlavi's Historic Speech Rejecting Hereditary Government

P.S.:A Corona Vaccine: mRNA a Vehicle to Train Immune System to Recognize Virus

What is Modern Democracy

4056-Scientology/Dianetics: Trump, Sarah Palin, Dr. X and IPC

4055-Feb 11: LGBT Flag Trampled by IslamicKKK Bikers

IRAN-Nowruz: Day and Time of Tavil-e Sal-e 1400 Worldwide

Philosophy of Science in 20th Century-Fourth Edition

Futurist Party Site and its Archive was Updated

4047-Consequences of Religious Conversion to Islam: HR Orgs: Need to Inform the World

4044-To Mr. Mark Zuckerberg

P.S.: Setareh Derakhshesh: Truth Stranger than Fiction

4041-Biden and Iran: Need for Three Parallel Initiatives

4035-About Bijan Kian's Support for 'Cyrus Accords' between Iran and Israel

4027-Bijan Atashinjan: IranSecularism-dot-com

4017-If no 1979 Revolution, would never Understand Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner

4016-Setareh Derakhshesh: Truth Stranger than Fiction

P.S.: Homosexuality and Islam

4009-Iranians' View of 'Alternative,' is Paradise

4006-Anarchists: International Community Needs to Stop a Bloodbath in Iran

4005-Kurzweilian Futurism: From Noah's Ark to a Nonbiological Lifeboat


4004-New: A Fact Proven by Trump about US Sanction

4003-United Front for a Secular Regime in Iran, Second Edition

4001-Again: Libertarians, the Left and Need for Moderation

3997-Frank Wilczek: Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality

From IranSecularism.com: Editorial: Sam Ghandchi: After Democracy, How To Prevent Regeneration Of A Tyranny In Iran

3995-Post-industrial Society and Secular Infighting Again

3993-Iran: The Main Question for Biden is not JCPOA

3991-Announcement about Dr. X and IPC Site

3990-Tea Party, Progressives and the Need for Moderation

From IranSecularism.com: Sam Ghandchi: 'Religion is a Private Matter' in the West

3989-What Does Futurist Party Want to Do, in a Couple of Words

3988-VOA: Temporary Replacement for the Position of Setareh Derakhshesh

3987-Social Justice: A Question for Progressive Socialists in US Congress

P.S.: Avi Loeb: ET & Lightsail to Proxima-b


3983-After Soleimani, IRI's September 11th, was Shooting Down Ukrainian Flight

3981-I do not own the domain of 'iranscope-dot-com' anymore

P.S. Mesbah Yazdi: Mahdaviat: IRI’s Hope or Despair 

P.S.: How Serious of a Threat is IslamicKKK to the World


3977-Pseudofuturism of the Likes of Manuel Castells in the Style of Fakenews

Happy New Year 2021

3976-An Error in Lenin's Analysis of Imperialism and Why it Matters for Democracy

Please note posts on Sam Ghandchi's Twitter are different from Posts on Iranscope Twitter, and if interested, please follow both @ghandchi

How to Post on IranscopeNews

P.S.: Tragedy of Ukraine Airlines Flight 752 in Iran

3970-Futurism: Corona, Habermas, Iranian Islamists and Leftist Intellectuals

3966-Anti-Americanism: Iranian Left Needs to Redefine Itself

3965-Kurzweilian Futurism

3961-Nanotechnology & Abundance

3960-A Corona Vaccine: mRNA a Vehicle to Train Immune System to Recognize Virus

P.S.: Post-Anthropocentric Production

3959-World: Non-aggression Pact with Iranian Opposition

How to Post on IranscopeNews

P.S. 11/16/20: Change of Mojtaba Khamenei's Title to Grand Ayatollah

P.S.: Nothingness or Mu IranscopeNews Readers

3957-A Question for IranscopeNews Readers

FYI for friends on my futuristparty google list

IranscopeNews Realtime

Azerbaijan Events and Structure of Power in Iran, Third Edition


Iranscope/Futurist Site Updated

3945-About 'Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right' by Karl Marx

3943-About Long-Hauler Corona Patients

3940-Iran's Problem and Let's not Blame the People so much

Islam and Globalization

3936-Communist Remedy for Regeneration of Capitalism: Suppression

3935-Supplement to 'Theory of Uniqueness Value' after 31 Years: Pricing of Postindustrial Products

3934-US Election in Florida, a Lesson for Iran's Social Democrats

P.S.: IRI: 42 Years of Cold War, Suicide Atomic Bomb and NIAC Lies about Medicine

3933-Aristotle: Philosophical or Political Secularism

P.S.: Farewell for Now

3928-President Trump, Please instead of Sanctions, Pay Oil Money Directly to Iranian People

P.S.: Hegel and Hegelians: GE Moore vs FH Bradley, and a View of Reality

3926-How Iran's 21st Century Revolution Started in a Strange Way

3925-IslamicKKK: Reports of Al-Qaedeh in Iran

3924-Federalism: Open Letter to Abdullah Mohtadi and Yazdan Shohadai

P.S.: Danger of IRI-Israel War..and What Iranian Opposition Needs to Do

3923-Shy Leftists and again about the Views of Yuval Noah Harari

3922-Dear Friends

3918-Mr. Khamenei, You Say US is on the Verge of Collapse!

3910-US 2020 Election: Outcome and Why

3209-Progressiveness in the Present Epoch-Second Booklet

Wakefulness and Enlightenment

3908-IRI: 42 Years of Cold War, Suicide Atomic Bomb and NIAC Lies about Medicine

3905-Elizabeth Warren Helping NIAC, Not Iranian People

A Year Passed

3900-To Mr. Hassan Rouhani: Parkinson's Medicine; Sanctioned or Hoarded

3898-IslamicKKK; Trump, Biden, Sanctions, War and Iran

3895-Contrariety, Contradiction, and a Huge Dilemma in the Realm of Iranian Politics

Futurist Visions

Futurists and the Left: Differences and Agreements, PART II

A Walnut under the Microscope: Science, Religion, Philosophy and Change

P.S.:Sam Ghandchi: Stopping all Publishing till Further Notice

3876-Did Trump Do the Right Thing to Support Late Navid Afkari

3874-Navid Afkari; For Years Regime Executed in Kurdistan on IRGC Killing Charges

3872-Nobel Prize: Congratulations to President Trump

P.S.: Iranscope-dot-com Will Expire Soon

Tehran Vigil of 9/18/2001 for Sept 11th Victims

From Salman Rushdie to WTC

3871-VOA: Talks about Sorbonne PhD Degree of Ms. Setareh Derakhshesh

3870-Futurists and the Left: Differences and Agreements, PART II

3869-Sam Ghandchi: Stopping all Publishing till Further Notice

P.S.: Long Live Golrokh Iraee the Leader of Iranian People

Philosophical Papers

3868-White Supremacists: From Charlottesville to Kenosha

Mossadegh's Error, Second Edition

3840-Nov 2020: Electing US President for the Next Four Years

Naghi Naghachian: Khayyam Book


3836-Why Shapour Bakhtiar Did Not Suceed in January 1979

P.S.:Corona: Trump: Time for a New Kind of Mask

3833-Corona & Simulation: Fauci, CDC and NIH are to Blame, not Trump

New Link of Futurist Party Page

3827-Two Futurist Sites: Futurism-dot-com and Lifeboat-dot-com

3821-About Trust: My Experience at Mix-dot-com

3820-Media Generals: A Help U.S. Can Provide for Iranian Opposition

3819-Couple of Words about Amir Baghiri's New Work

3818-Maybe Corona thru HVAC is Serious

3815-Mr. Rouhani, Why Don't You Say the Truth about Flight 752

IranscopeEnglish Facebook  and *EnglishTwitter

Scientific Worldview and Meaning of Life- Second Edition

3800-War, Iranian Opposition and Our US Supporters

My articles have been deleted from my personal twitter account in the last two days

3793-Corona: Trump: Time for a New Kind of Mask

3786-Should I Forgive and Forget, or Announce His Name

3779-Corona, Kurzweil, Simulation: Republicans and Democrats, Same Old


3500-Supplement 2020 of Futurist Party Platform


3371-In Iraq, there is no Military Solution for US and IRI

3364-Protesting George Flyod's Killing is not Supporting IRI

Final Notice of iranscope.com Domain

End Justifying the Means

P.S.: Iran Heading for Tienanmen, Where Will U.S. Stand?

Saba Kord-Afshari

SpaceX's 1st Crew Dragon with astronauts docks at space station in historic rendezvous

For latest news in Persian: Khabargah

IranscopeNews will not be published till further notice

New landing-page of iranscope-dot-com

3345-Trump; Corona Task Force to Execute Kurzweil's Simulation Plan

Ray Kurzweil: AI-Powered Biotech Can Help Deploy a Vaccine In Record Time

3340-My Second Review of Kurzweil's Danielle

3336-Iranscope-dot-com Will Expire Soon

3335-Arson: Tomb of Esther and Mordechai

3334-Avi Loeb: ET & Lightsail to Proxima-b

3330-Kurzweilian Futurism and Corona: Pharmaceuticals Cannot Solve the Problem by Themselves

Featured Articles: Table of Contents added

3309-Monads, Humanoids, Superhuman and the Future

3307-To Facebook: Tiyam Ghadim ID is able to Bypass Blocking

Religious State Creates Religious Wars, Second Edition

3294-Reason for All Recent Attacks on Mr. Reza Pahlavi

3292-CIA: Open Letter about Iranian Opposition

3291-IRANSCOPE: Request for a Sponsor, Third Edition

3289-Atypical Analysis of BBC by Genuine Opposition Inside Iran

3286-What is US Solution in Iraq

3284-Trump: Vision, Corona, Kurzweil, and Remaking Economy

3267-Futurism: Why All Talk of Marx and Marxism after 180 Years

Iranscope Futurist Site Updated

3259-Soon: Futurist Party Platform Supplement

3258-Yuval Noah Harari: Corona Pandemic

3253-Corona Second Wave: US Should Lead the Offensive

3247-Trump, Deep State, and NIAC-CNN-VOA Triangle

Message on the Occasion of Dreadful Ramadan

3244-Corona: Leftists, Pandora, Scare of Side-effects

3243-Futurism: Corona and Future of Humanity

3237-WH: VOA spends your money to speak for authoritarian regimes

3233-Hussein Ibish, Iran, Iraq, US, China and Masih Alinejad

3232-Sanders' 2020 Exit & Kurzweilian Futurism

3230-PR: Pseudo Help for Corona Victims

3226-Simulation: Corona, Hydroxychloroquine, Trump

3225-Naghi Naghachian: A Few Paintings

3224-Corona, Exponential Change and Ray Kurzweil

3221-Corona: About Biden's Call to Ease US Sanctions on IRI

3215-Corona: Some Reactionary Environmentalists

3212-Corona, Gene Therapy, Obama, Kurzweil

3211-Corona: A US Governor Says Sacrifice Elderly to Save Economy

Futurist: Humanity's Nowruz in 21st Century

3204-Corona, China and Globalization

3198-Corona, Work, and Alternative Income

Featured Topics Updated

Tahvil-e Sal-e No Nowruz99/2020

3183-Camaraderie and Modern Futurist Movement

3182-Corona Pandemic and the Future: Two Results

IranscopeNews 03/15/20 Announcement

3180-FYI: Sometimes Garbled Persian Text in Google Chrome

3179-Not Just a Futurist: Living in the Age of Singularity

3176-Bill Gates and Why Futurists did not Predict Corona Pandemic

3172-Fetrat or not: Russia Likes Iran's Current State of Affairs

3170-Dialectical Materialism: Marxist Mystification of Scientific Worldview

3168-Mr. Sanders, Kurzweil is Antidote to Ferguson and Khomeini

Lifeboat Foundation Coronavirus Update II

3160-About Margaret Warren Ending 2020 Presidential Run

3157-Sanders and Biden: Progressives Need a Kurzweilian Futurist Platform

IranscopeNews will stop publishing till further notice

3150-How Serious of a Threat is IslamicKKK to the World


3145-Retrogression vs Backwardness; IslamicKKK is like Unabomber


Nowruz 2020-Tahvil-e Sal-e No

3142-Victories of Sanders and Buttigieg Prove a Point about America Today

3136-Elizabeth Warren Positioning as a 'Moderate' in Las Vegas

3133-Democrats in Nov 2020 Want Another Obama

3131-Ray Kurzweil, Futurists, US Election and IslamicKKK

3129-Civilization, Secular Democracy and Singularity

3126-Popper, Left, Iran and Anti-Americanism

Iranscope Front Page

To Read the News

3114-Entrepreneur is Translated to Job Creator in Persian

3106-Useless Discussions about Iran's 1979 Revolution

Day and Time of Nowruz 2020 Worldwide

3105-Game-changer: Countering IslamicKKK

3094-Secularism: Main Problem of Former Religious People is not Superstition

3086-About IRI $3M Bounty to Kill President Trump

3085-To Adam Schiff: Because of Ukraine, Will Vote Republican for the 1st Time

3073-US: Qasem Soleimani, Iraq and Future

Jack Li: The Forgotten Forest

3066-Note of 6 Months Ago Shows How Flight 752 Tragedy Happened This Week

For Iran's Secular Democratic and Futurist Republican Party

3062-Tragedy of Ukraine Airlines Flight 752 in Iran

3060-Mr. Zarif, Difference of USA and Europeans in Two Words

3058-DP: Obama and Bin Laden vs Trump and Soleimani

3055-Open Letter to President Trump about Iraqi Parliament

3053-Warren Missed Game-Changer in Middle East

3050-Trump: IRI, Destruction of Iran and Iranian Culture

3049-Misleading Videos from Iran on CNN

3047-Qasem Soleimani, al-Qaedeh in Kenya and IRI

P.S. 01/03/20: Mr. Rouhani, Dissolve Hashd-ol-Shaabi before another Iraq War

3041-Iraqi Secular State is in Peril

P.S. 12/30/19: No Holiday 2020 Greetings this Year

12/26/19: Huge Internet Disruption in Iran

12/26/19: Fortieth day of Pouya Bakhtiari's martyrdom and others massacred in Nov2019 Iran Uprising

3019-No Holiday 2020 Greetings this Year

2989-Daniel Bell, Future, and Work

2981-Nancy Pelosi: *King President* Comment in Impeachment Discussion

2980-Only Dr. Esmail Nooriala Can Speak on My Behalf

2952-Nov19 IRGC Street Massacre, a Hidden Holocaust by Halting Internet

2951-Discussions about Taliban on SCI before Sept 11th

Ideology, State and Futuristic Pluralism

2926-Root Cause of People's Uprisings is Post-Industrial Injustice

This article was written two years ago: In Trump's First Year, US Democracy Proved again to be Resilient

2915-Long Live Golrokh Iraee the Leader of Iranian People

Futurism, Sandbox, and Political Potency

About IslamicKKK

Celebrate Collapse of Daesh by Supporting Secularism

For Iran's Secular Democratic & Futurist Republican Party

Updated: Iraq Reminds me of Cambodia

2878-Mr. Reza Pahlavi: Only Dr. Esmail Nooriala Can Speak on My Behalf

For your information about Iranscope and Sam Ghandchi's articles

2876-Will Iran's IslamicKKK Take the Next Step

In Trump's First Year, US Democracy Proved again to be Resilient

2874-Trump: A Business Solution for Iranians and Sanctions

2871-In Memory of Edward Cornish, Founder of World Future Society

2870-Again Conspiracy Theories about Saudi Oil Attacks like Sept 11th Times

Futurist Party Aims for What Marx Deferred to Distant Future, Second Edition

2867-Open Letter to Ms. Maryam Rajavi about Calling ISDP Members as IRI Agents

2863-Once again about Partisan Politics

2862-NIAC, Americans of Iranian Ancestry and Partisan Politics

Beyond War

2860-A Note to President Trump about New Iran Sanctions

2858-Mr. Reza Pahlavi did us a Favor Today

2857-IRI's Action against Saudi, like NK, but May End like Kanizak and Bin Laden

2856-New Middle East: After Missile Attacks on Saudi Oil

Futurism on the other Side of Chasm-Second Edition

Book Review of Futurist Iran by World Future Society

2851-Open Letter to President Trump about IslamicKKK

And here is human rights under the communist regime of Ortega in Nicaragua

Sept 18, 2001 Candle Light Vigil in Tehran

From Salman Rushdie to WTC

2850-Futurism Suffered a Major Setback due to Wrong Expectations from Genetics

Futurism versus the Iranian Cults of Past Communist Movement

2849-A Question from USA about IRGC Proxies in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Neocons, Daniel Bell and Iran

2848-IRI Still does not Understand Why US Republicans did not Sign JCPOA from Start

2845-Why European Leaders Misunderstand IRI External Crisis

Mossadegh's Error

Beyond War

2838-Mr. Hassan Rouhani, the Wording of Diplomacy is Important

2836-Is Receiving Loan from President Trump and Paying Back by Selling Oil, Bad for Iran

Brian Hoke's video message for the birthday of sattar beheshti

2828-Mr. Rouhani, Dissolve Hashd-ol-Shaabi Before another Iraq War

Why Secularism Failed in Half of the World

2818-Palestinians Need to Focus on Secular Democracy, not Human Rights

2816-IRI's Dangerous Game: Provoking Israel to Drown a Ship in Strait of Hormuz

2813-Discussion of _Democratic_Socialism in US 2020 Election

This Author's Books were Published as a Mesh of Interrelated Articles

2809-To FBI: Some Individuals Block My Posts on Mix-Dot-Com

2806-Why IRI Seizes Oil Tankers in Persian Gulf

2802-IRI Losing Time to Make a Deal with Trump

2784-Iraq Reminds me of Cambodia

2781-Popper, Kurzweil, Self, and Computers

2778-This Author's Books were Published as a Mesh of Interrelated Articles

2772-Dear Prince Reza Pahlavi, You are the One Who Can Make this Important Change Happen

2771-US Needs to Officially Support *SecularDemocracy* and not just Human Rights

2762-Is IRI Planning for Unification with Iraq, Second Edition

2748-IRI's Kaspar Schoppe Convenes So-called HR Conf in Qom, while Nasrin Sotoudeh is in Jail

2747-US Has Already Achieved its Short-term Objective Regarding IRI

2741-Mother of Soheil Arabi Speaks up about Food and Water Conditions in Iran's Fashafooyeh Prison

2739-Satire: Next Christmas: Trump, Khamenei, Kim Jong-un

2732-Dear President Trump, Please Talk to Shadi Sadr on TV to Share Your Views with Iranian People

2732-Prince Reza Pahlavi, Just Like IRI, You Do not Represent Iranian People

2730-Zarif Says Trump's Perception of Short War with IRI is an Illusion

2723-Mr. Sanders, Avoiding War Should Not Mean Appeasing IRI

2719-A Few Results of a Research into Pluralism- Third Edition

2716-Ordinary Iranians: Trump's Compassion vs IRGC's Cruelty

2713-I Condemn IRI Shooting Down of US Drone in Persian Gulf

2707-This Author's Analysis of US Policy on IRI

2702-Marx's Error and Lenin's Perpetuation

For Iran's Secular Democratic and Futurist Republican Party

2686-IslamicKKK is Just like Fascism

2686-Dear President Trump: US Strategy for Iran Needs to Change

2680-Danielle: Kurzweil Paints Futurism in a Children's Novel

Postscript-060319: Futurists: Oracles or Commanders

Supporting Twitterstorm to Oppose NIAC, Monday June 3, 2019, 20:00 Tehran Time

2676-Reason of Iran's Economic Woes

Kurzweil, Harry Potter & Futurist Party, Second Edition

About Reprinting and Distribution in Social Networks

Iran's Secular Democratic & Futurist Republican Party

2665-Will Iraq become South Korea of Middle East

Dear Friends, Iranscope News will stop publishing till further notice. If I have any personal articles, will publish on my personal site, facebook and twitter

2663-How OnTenTV, Poletik and Parazit are Perceived Inside Iran, Second Edition

2661-Choice is not between <War> and <Peace>, Choice is between <Islamic Regime> and <Iran>

2658-Is there a Leader Like Yeltsin inside Iran, Yes Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi

About NIAC

For Iran's Secular Democratic & Futurist Republican Party

2651-Social Justice, New Communists in Iran's Opposition, and Differences of Marx's Critics

2649-Remember IranAir655 Tragedy, Condemn IRI Hiding Missiles in Commercial Freights

Popper on Kantian Concept of War on War

Should IRGC be Dissolved

2639-Iran's Opposition Misunderstood President Trump about Kerry

2633-Spirituality: Compare Kurzweil with IslamicKKK

2632-Mr. Pompeo, Please Do Not Call IslamicKKK Ruling Iran, as <Iranians>, Thx

This article was written 13 years ago: Message on the Occasion of Dreadful Ramadan

2626-To FBI: Some Individuals in Twitter Support Help IRI State Sponsors of Terrorism

2624-A Short Note about US 2020 Election

2623-Is Kurzweil's Singularity Disruptive

2616-A Solution to Prevent Armed Attacks on Public Places


2606-A Response to Some Iranian Leftists about Fututists and Technology

2600-To President Trump: About IRGC and Iranian People

2586-Assange, Wikileaks, President Trump, and the Establishment

Fairy Tale: The Fisherman and the Jinny

2579-Ideology, State and Futuristic Pluralism

2573-To FBI: About IRI State-Sponsored Terrorist Cyber Attack

2569-Why I Support Bernie Sanders

2559-Ways to Help Flood Victims in Iran

2557-Not a cliché: U.S. Must Differentiate Iran's Regime from Iranians

2555-Futurist Alert: Kurzweil's Exponential Growth Proliferates Side-Effects

2552-Will US Sanctions Impact Iran Like Saddam's Iraq

For Iran's Secular Democratic & Futurist Republican Party

Happy Nowruz

2545-Je Suis Christchurch

Is Cartoon Clash like Racial Discrimination

Christchurch NZ Mosque Massacre: Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

The God and Us

Dr. Massoume Price: Why We Have Fish For Nowruz

New Paradigms, Second Edition

2518-President Trump's Impeachment after Mueller Report is Released, Yes or No

2495-State of Iranian People's Love Affair with President Trump

2488-A Critique of Elizabeth Warren's Wealth Tax Strategy for 2020 Election

2478-Iran & Saudi Arabia: Monarchies & Islamism

2477-A Weird Observation on my Twitter Account

Main Difference of Monarchy and Republic: Madison, Federalist Papers and Iran

Monarchy Means Discrimination Based on Ancestory

Dissolve Monarchy and MEK to End IRI

2458-Pompeo vs IRI on Feb 12-13, 2019, in Warsaw

2455-US Policy on Iran and Iranians is not Up-to-date

2447-Is President Trump Looking for a North Korean Type Solution in Iran

2446-Homosexuality and Islam

2445-Alan Turing: A Homosexual Who Committed Suicide

Turing and AI

2444-Shadi Sadr's Justice-For-Iran Uncovers a New Dimension of 1989 IRI Prisoner Massacres

ATTN FBI: About Blackmail and Extortion Attempt

2438-A Question about IRI Military Commander Threatening Israel

2435-Stop Revolution till Pahlavi Danger is Gone

2431-Mr. Zarif, IRI is to Blame and not Pompeo in Warsaw or Bakhshi in Ahwaz

2423-To Trump: Reza Pahlavi Represents Restoration of Reactionary Monarchy, not Iranian Opposition

2417-Prince Reza Pahlavi behind Monarchist attacks on Secular Democratic Republicans

2413-Our Allies

2409-About Dr. Farhad Meysami's Reaction to President Trump's Human Right Support

2405-Nothingness or Mu

Iran's Futurist Republic

2386-For Iranians: About Blocked Images on Your Facebook and Twitter

2384-To FBI: A Cyber Attack on Twitter after Posting my article about Prince Reza Pahlavi

2383-The End of 40 Years of Prince Reza Pahlavi's Monarchy in USA

Postmodernism Shaping Islamism


2379-Memes and An Analysis of Iranians' Dilemma

2376-Iran's 21st Century Revolution is not a Puppet Show, a Reminder to Prince Reza Pahlavi

2374-US Error Isolating Iran's Opposition

Space and New Thinking


2363-For President Trump: Rouhani, is no Gorbachev

Futurism versus the Iranian Cults of Past Communist Movement

Separatism Strengthens IRI

Futurist Republic

2359-Are We Entering a New Middle Ages

An article about 16th of Azar, Dec 7th

About a Secular Democratic and Futurist Party with a Clear and Transparent Platform

2357-Why Rejection of Islamic Reformism is Necessary

Well Wishes for Princess Yasmine Pahlavi

Power, Religion, and IRI Reformists

2354-Why Secular Democracy is not enough and Futurism is needed

2351-Hegel and Hegelians: GE Moore vs FH Bradley, and a View of Reality

2350-Jamal Khashoggi: Islamism vs Secularism in Saudi Arabia

A Note about the Controversial Kurdistan Autonomy Plan

Iranian Students Tale of Two Regimes

2347-Facts: Abundance Helping Social Justice

Is Socialism More Just?, Second Edition

Marxism and Futurism

2344-Hague Court for Khashoggi and Hakki's Murders

A Few Books about Futurism

Problem is not Utopianism, it is Lack of Open Society

Instead of Sanctions against Iran; How to Help Opposition

2336-A Theory of Uniqueness Value

2333-Why Rejection of Final Causes in Spinoza's Philosophy was Discussed

2332-In 1979 and 1997 Focus was on Form of Change and not the Progressive Content

Postmodernism Shaping Islamism

2331-Louis Farrakhan Deserves to be Called IslamicKKK Leader

"Death to America" Chants of IRI Parliament

2329-Ayatollah Khamenei, Today, Nov 4, on Behalf of IRI, You Need to Apologize to the USA

2328-Mr. Reza Pahlavi Profanity of your Agents Started Again

Iranian Students Tale of Two Regimes

How I was Pressured to be Silent by Reza Pahlavi's Savaki Agents

2319-CNN's Wrong Solution to Confront Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

2318-Leftists' Double Standard for Russia and China

Sam Ghandchi in Leon, VA

Wakefulness and Enlightenment

2312-A Response to Horrific Attack on CNN, Oct 24, 2018, in US

2309-Kurzweil, Harry Potter & Futurist Party, Second Edition

2308-Islamists Using Khashoggi's Tragedy to End US Support for Secularism in Middle East

2306-How I was Pressured to be Silent by Reza Pahlavi's Savaki Agents

2305-Mr. Reza Pahlavi, Your Savaki Supporters have again Started Internet Attacks in the US

2302-A Lesson to be Learned from Khashoggi's Heinous Murder

2291-Mossadegh's Error

2283-Tudehii Thinking, the Barrier of Iranian Opposition, Second Edition

2282-About IRI Playing Victim following The Hague Vote

2281-Dear President Trump, Iranian People Want a Regime just Like the U.S.A.

2280-Need Support for a Project to Write New Edition of Futurist Iran Book

Attention: About Facebook

Middle Class Shrinking is not a Trivial Matter

Scientific Worldview and Meaning of Life

2275-Request from FBI to Investigate Islamic Republic Meddling in Facebook

2270-A Weird Imagination on the Sideline of 6th Convention of Iranian Secular Democrats

New Variant to Meet Human Needs-An Electronic Book

After Democracy, How to Prevent Regeneration of a Tyranny in Iran

2263-Iranian Monarchists are Like Religious Friends

2258-New Paradigms, Second Edition

Beginning of the End of IRI, Second Edition

Pluralism in the Western Thought


Leibniz's Monads and Javadi's CPH

Pluralism and Russell's Logical Atomism

Iran's Future Constitution

The Left: People with a Mission to Destroy Capitalism

Monarchy Means Discrimination Based on Ancestry- Second Edition

Social Justice & Computer Revolution

Intelligent Tools: The Cornerstone of a New Civilization

Photos of people in Tehran on Sept 18, 2001: They started a Candle Light Vigil for Sept 11th victims and were attacked by Islamic Regime's Vigilantes

From Salman Rushdie to WTC

2246-Kurzweil's Response about the Next Step in Making of an Artificial Sentient Being

2244-Unfortunately We are Returning to the Failures of Last 40 years

What is Secularism

2242-Announcement about my livelihood in the US

2241-Why Leftist CNN Uses Anti-Russian McCarthyism Against Trump

2230-Kurzweil and Biological Path in Vicinity of Singularity

2224-Modern Futurist Visions in Retrospect

2219-Saga of 1953 Coup Continues Because Iran Still Not a Democracy

A Futurist Vision

2191-After Democracy, How to Prevent Regeneration of a Tyranny in Iran

2189-President Trump's Negotiation with Iran's Islamist Regime: Good or Bad

Modern Futurism

Futurism and Iran's 1979 Revolution

IranscopeScitech: New Posts

Political Alternative in 21st Century

2175-Iranscope's Open Letter to President Trump

About Mr. Pompeo's Speech in California

2164-Nanobots or Humanoids

2162-A Response to Hussein Ibish about Iran

Zahra Kazemi: Who Ordered IRI Murder of a Journalist

Dancing in the Air

Jack Li: The Forgotten Forest

2130-Ethnicism and Islamism are Results of Fall of Communism

2120-From Beauticians of USSR to MJ Larijani; GE Moore vs FH Bradley, and a View of Reality

Expressions of Life, Conversation with Myself

This article was written 11 years ago: Fairy Tale: The Fisherman and the Jinny

2101-Nasrin Sotoudeh According to Iran's Kaspar Schoppe, Second Edition

2092-A Huge Casino Called the USA Where Winner Takes All

2091-Thomas Paine in Age of Reason is a Response to Better Gene Theories in Iran

2086-John Locke, Catholics, Democracy, and Worldviews

Instead of Sanctions against Iran; How to Help Opposition

2079-Are Iranian Secular Democrats Against Receiving International Financial Help

2073-A Misunderstanding of Mr. Pompeo's VOA Interview about Iran

2067-My Thanks to Ray Kurzweil

2065-Futurists and the Left: Differences and Agreements

2064-Is there Room for Metaphysics in Modern Sciences, Second Edition

2062-Galbraith, Anatomy of Power, and Democracy in Iran- Second Edition

2055-Marxist Thought & Monism - Second Edition

This article was written 11 years ago: Message on the Occasion of Dreadful Ramadan

2046-Nostalgia for the Future

2044-Once again on Iran-Israel Relations

2043-Kurzweil and Problem of Common Sense

2033-Beginning of the End of IRI,  Second Edition

2033-UN Must Punish Iran's Ministry of ICT for Violating Net Neutrality

2032-Why a Marx Comeback

A Critique of Iranian Opposition about War

This article was published 14 years ago: Democracy is Not People's Rule, It is People's Judgment

Modernism and Meaning of Life

2003-IRI's Misunderstanding of Trump and Western Democracies

Book Review of Futurist Iran by World Future Society

Lifeboat Futurists Board

New Cold War and Armed Action

Dancing in the Air

Academic Essays on Secular and Futurist Pluralism

Toilet paper and Conference of the Birds

1992-Request of Iranscope for a Sponsor - Second Edition

1988-Futurists: 35 Years after Sandbox Syndrome

1986-Why NYT and WP Never Mention Iranian Activists inside Iran Who Call for Regime Change

1979-Iran Heading for Tienanmen, Where Will U.S. Stand?

1974-One Way U.S. Can Help Iranian Activists on the Internet

1970-Ray Kurzweil's Response about Impact of Law of Accelerating Returns on Housing, Clothing and Food

1968-Marx's Diminishing Returns Accompanies Kurzweil's Accelerating Change

Toilet Paper and Conference of the Birds

This article was written 13 years ago: De-Islamization is Civil Disobedience

1880-Instead of Sanctions against Iran; How to Help Opposition

1862-Police Brutality in Iran's Prisons after 1396 Uprising

1850-Mr. Reza Pahlavi, Who are you to Speak on Behalf of Iran's 1396 Uprising

Power, Religion, and IRI Reformists

1839-Worldwide Support for Iran's Historic Anti-Islamist Uprising is Necessary

1814-Predictive Analytics of Gene-Editing Side-Effects Beats Cancer, but!

1804-State of Science not Rosy Picture Depicted in the Press

1801-In Trump's First Year, US Democracy Proved again to be Resilient

1800-Academic Essays on Secular and Futurist Pluralism


1716-New Cold War and Armed Action

1705-Middle Class Shrinking is not a Trivial Matter

1697-Setareh Derakhshesh Must Step Down from VOA Persian Service

1690-Saudi Threats against Iran Strengthens Islamic Republic

1687-Can Human Maximum Age be Increased

1682-Is Russia Forming a Second Islamic Alliance in the Middle East

1681-Many Paths Beyond Singularity as Proposed by Kurzweil

1677-Futurist Party Aims for What Marx Deferred to Distant Future

1662-New Cults Wanting to Fix Individuals

Turing and AI

1656-Futurism: What I have Learned from Daniel Bell and Ray Kurzweil

1653-Trump's Iran Speech Advisor Helped Islamic Regime Today

Futurist Party is Iran's Option

1649-Stagnation, Yes or No?

1648-Western Democracies still do not Understand the Threat of Islamism

With condolences for passing of President Jalal Talabani, this open letter to Jalal Talabani was written 12 years ago

1644-Temporary Closure of Iranscope_on_Facebook

1641-Announcing Change of Position to Opposing any form of Federalism for Iran

1634-US Congress Can Fix or Close VOA Persian


1543-White Supremacists at odds with the New Middle Class

1542-Are Hawking and Musk Right about AI's Danger

1539-Trump is Right about Free Speech

1525-To France: Expel Maryam Rajavi

1524-Death to Mojahedin Khalgh Organization-PMOI

This paper was written 13 years ago: Wealth and Justice in Future Iran

1515-Mr. Tillerson, Issue is not Iran-Deal

1512-Trump administration's dome khoroos

1507-Newt Gingrich's Futurism for Iran

1505-Ridiculous VOA Programs about Iran

Dissolve Monarchy and MKO to End IRI

Reza Pahlavi & MKO are U.S. Liability in Iran

Monarchist and PMOI Leaders and Agents' Atrocities

From Ahmad Chalabi to Reza Pahlavi: God Giveth and He Taketh Away

Monarchy Means Discrimination Based on ancestry

1495-Is IRI Planning for Unification with Iraq

1493-About Trump's Regime Change Doctrine

1490-Directive to VOA Not to Call 1953 Operations a Coup

1489-My Response to Dr. Ray Takeyh

1486-The Ignoble at VOA Who Caused my Wife to Lose a Hand

1484-Futurists and the Left: Differences and Agreements

1483-Massoud Rajavi and Secrecy from People

1482-A Question for Jon Gambrell about Interview with Prince Reza Pahlavi

This article was written 14 years ago: Slaves of the Islamist God

1478-The Result of UBI

"Death to America" Chants of IRI Parliament

1472-Scientific Worldview and Meaning of Life

Postmodernism Shaping Islamism

Problem is not Utopianism, it is Lack of Open Society

Is Socialism More Just?Second Edition

Iranian Intellectuals and Leftism

This article was written 11 years ago: Message on the Occasion of Dreadful Ramadan

1465-US Still does not Understand Iranians

1463-WSJ, Radio Farda, VOA, Iranian Journalism

Futurist Platform Discussion Site

1456-Compare Interviews of Setareh Derakhshesh and TRT Reporter with Prince Reza Pahlavi

1453-A Few Words with Iranians and Independent Opposition

1452-Frankenstein's Islamist Monster

1450-My Analysis of Democrats and Trump could be Totally Wrong

1449-Reflecting on Ray Kurzweil's Support of UBI

Featured Topics Updated

1425-Who is Steve Redisch of VOA

1424-Isn't Derakhsheh vs VOA Contractors' Court Case Considered News

1421-Ray Kurzweil's Response to Genetics and Death Topic

1420-Genetics Cannot End Death

1416-Why I am not a Future-ist

1413-Futurism on the other Side of Chasm-Second Edition

1411-Turkey and Iran Must be Held Accountable for Murder of Saeed Karimian and Death of Seyed Jamal Hosseini

1408-A Few Words about Iranian Secular Democratic Party-Futurist

1407-Why US Policy with Iran is not Succeeding again

1404-My Response to PMOI Stalkers about My Trip to Iran

1402-Electric Cars: Unrealistic Predictions Create Backlash for Futurist ideas

1397-Stunning VOA Analysis of Ahmadinejad's Disqualification

1393-McCain Responsible for Unleashing PMOI Psychopaths

1386-Support Secularism in Syria while Removing Assad

1378-Prince Reza Pahlavi, you Must Officially Apologize to Iranian People for April 9th, 2017 Deception

1373-Setareh Derakhshesh, a Misleading Bio

1365-A Critique of Anti-Trump McCarthyism

1356-Celebrate Collapse of Daesh by Supporting Secularism

1347-Why Setareh Derakhshesh was a bad Choice for a VOA Director

1334-Oscars: Iran's Reality Show

Mojahedine Khalgh, a Shiite Version of Daesh

1321-A Question from CNN about Trump vs Obama

1312-New VOA Director, but for a Wrong Reason

1308-Danger of IRI-Israel War .. and What Iranian Opposition Needs to Do

1305-Challenges of Belonging to Iran and the US

1293-Why No Revolution in the US for Two Centuries

1288-Violating Iran Deal Makes it Easy to Attack Iran

1285-Fortunately US Journalists are back doing real work

1278-Trump's Policy Towards IRI and Iranians

1276-Obama's Failure with Iranian People

1271-Beyond Matter: Realm of Religion or Science

1270-Why I Believe Life did not Originate on Earth

1258-To Samantha Power: You Represented the US Government

1251-Bottom line, Islamic Republic Must Go

1248-Faradid Closure, 4-Year Anniversary

1245-Far Right vs Islamism

1242-Do Iranian Secular Democrats Want Regime Change

1236-Transparency and US Election

1234-Message of Iran's Opposition to Saudi Should be Frank and not Double-sided

New Variant to Meet Human Needs-An Electronic Book

1225-United Front to Confront Breakup of Iran

1224-Mr. Obama, Kurzweil and Drexler Deserve a Medal of Honor

1223-Why Hilary Clinton Wins

1218-Human Variant Part Four: Next Stage of Self-Consciousness

1217-Human Variant Part Three-- a question from Ray Kurzweil

1214-Something Admirable in Clinton's Aug 31st Speech

1213-Abundance is Justice

1211-Separatism Strengthens IRI

1207-Why I wrote The Futurist Iran Book

1206-We are Results of Desired Errors

1203-Human Variant Part Two

1200-About Some Obama Backers Supporting Trump

1199-Kurzweil was Right again

1194-About New Platform of US Democratic Party

1193-Future of SETI

1189-Political Alternative in 21st Century

1188-Google and Iranians

1185-Condolences to LGBT and Others

1149-IS Nostalgia for EU Muslim Youth

1138-Islamist Terrorists are Anti-secular Muslims

1136-From KKK to Daesh

1134-US Election, Votes and Disbelief

1128-Trump, Islam and US Foreign Policy

1127-Habib Teymoori, Translator of Kurds and Central Government

1107-Workless Society or New Jobs

1095-Secularism: US vs France

1092-Remembering Marvin Minsky

1085-Iranians' Discrimination against the Gays

1073-Why the West Neglected Islamist Threat

1059-Mr. Trump and the New Muslim Reality

1058-Muslims' Commitment to End Islamist Extremism in Turkey and Iran

1056-San Bernardino Shows an Ideological War

1046-Is Growth of Daesh due to Fall of Nation States

Je suis Paris

1044-Right of Dissenters to Work, in U.S. and Iran

1043-From NY to Paris, 15 Years of Terror

1041-Iran at a Crossroads

1040-Why Arab States Fear MB more than Daesh

1027-Two Econ Solutions in US Election

1022-Hillary Clinton Must Apologize to Iranian People

1003-Madison, Federalist Papers and Iran

995-Why Gene Therapy is Not Making Progress and a Solution

979-Kurzweil Discusses 15 Years of Secular Stagnation

971-Mr. Obama, Let's Talk about Iranians

967-Stalinist Internet Censorship at VOA Persian Service

962-VOA Persian Service Reality Check

959-Thank you Mr. Netanyahu, but please read to the end

948-Evolution of Plants Solves CO2 not Anti-GMO

943-Why VOA is More Successful than Radio Farda

931-Mr. Obama, Isn't it Time to Honor Ray Kurzweil

910-Dagan, VOA and Israel's Objectives

909-Micropolitics of an Executive at VOA Persian

901-Mr. Obama, Please Stop Political Discrimination at VOA

898-Why Saudi Arabia Attacked Yemen

886-Iran and Netanyahu's Speech in Washington

884-Prospects of US-Iran Deal

884-دورنمای توافق آمریکا و ایران

883-Request of Iranscope for a Sponsor

881-Does Human Rights have Priority over Secularism

880-Why Islamism Kills?- Second Edition

A Note from Karl Popper's "Lessons of this Century"

873-What is in US-Iran Deal for Human Rights

871-Time for a Global Secular Initiative

866-Oil Companies, New Victims of Saudi Policy

863-Transparency: Iran News and Lobby Groups in Washington, DC

860-Global Lineups at the Present

858-Perhaps an Unwanted Result of Charlie Hebdo Attack

852-UAE, a Discourse on ISIS

What is Secularism

844-The God and Us -Second Edition

843-Doing Honest Journalism about Iran in Washington

842-Saudi Cheap Oil to Keep US in Iraq and Syria

835-Mr. Piketty, Winner-Take-All is the Problem

827-A Critique of Iranian Opposition about War

826-My Trip to Iran

In Memory of Joseph F. Coates

825-Mr. Rouhani, State and Sharia Must be Separated

824-A Note about Hawking's Beginning of Time

823-Saudi Committing Shah's Mistake

822-Futurist Outlook and not Future'ism

821-Middle East Trapped in Utopianism

814-Free Discussion on Facebook of Iran's Futurist Party

813-Why ISC did not Overthrow Assad

812-What is Happening to Hamas?

811-Iran: OnTen TV, Poletik and Parazit

810-Wrong Analyses of Civil War in Iraq

809-A Note about Thirty Years' War

802-Worldview of a Smart Monkey

799-Courage to Privatize Iran's Oil Industries

900-Singularity Topics with Kurzweil's Comments

797-Proposal To Form UN Committee To Review Iran Sanctions

793-Marxism and Futurism

790-Time for Iran 1+1 Talks

785-Neocons, Daniel Bell and Iran

756-Google Reader Should Learn from Coke Classic

754-Federalism in the Platform of Iran's Futurist Party

752-Stop US Support of Iran's Separatists

751-Futurists Need to Return to Politics

749-VOA: Rumors and Realities

745-A Question from RSF

744-Is VOA pro Islamic Republic?

Sam Ghandchi's New Articles

743-How US Can Solve Iran's Nuke Issue

741-Reza Pahlavi Does not Represent Iran's Democratic Alternative

740-Who is Lying about Relationship of Reza Pahlavi and Parviz Sabeti?


736-Mr. Obama Please Tear Down this Wall

Faradid Blog

735/734-Eight Years of Working at VOA+

733-Time to Start Building Singularity Economy

732-Nasrin Sotoudeh According to Iran's Kaspar Schoppe

731-Useless Iranian Conferences Abroad

730-Kurzweil's PRTM Next Step in AI

727-Iranians and Gay Marriage

726-Two Opposite Strategies of Islamic Forces in Middle East

725-Are Retirement Accounts in Danger?

723-A Note about the Controversial Kurdistan Autonomy Plan

722-How can Diplomacy between Iran and Israel Become Possible?

719-Creating Abundance in the Current World

718-Need to Reform Intellectual Property Laws

717-GMO: A Solution for Healthcare Dilemma

716-Singularity: A New Paradigm of Futurism

710-Accelerated Returns in Food Production

701-Two Paths beyond Singularity

699-Understanding Self-consciousness: Differentiating Humans from other Sentient Beings

695-Islam and Globalization-Second Edition Dedicated to Shahin Najafi

694-What Israeli Government can do for Iranian Opposition

684-نیروهای سیاسی که اراده ایجاد تغییر را در ایران دارند

680-Action Regarding Military Attack on Iran

679-Preemptive Strike on Nuclear Sites is Genocide

677-How to Fix the Economy?

675-Tabarzadi in Critical Condition; He Needs Our Support Now

653-New Human Variant is Needed

642-Tea Party Illusion and Economic Reality

639-Why Secularism Failed in Half of the World

620-Paradigm of Iran's Green Movement

617-Google in China Showed what Businesses can Do for Freedom

612-Dear President Obama Please Call for Mr. Tabarzadi's Freedom

610-A Short Note about SCI at this time of Iranian Green Movement

Ethnic Federalism a Reactionary Plan for Iran's Future- Second Version

558-Unemployment Cannot be Resolved by the Proposed Solution

Federalism is the Lesson of 21-Azar [2005]

538-Secret of Baharloo's VOA Roundtables' Success

526-Open Letter to President Bush about Jonbeshe Madani

518-Iranian Technocrats in Two Regimes

517-Why I Condemn Legal Action of NIAC against Hassan Dai

514-About Iranscope Futurist Think Tank

509-Hilary Clinton Must Apologize to Obama

504-Third Open Letter to Mr. Reza Pahlavi

502-Call for Uncensorable Internet

501-Clinton-Obama and Iran

499-Monarchy Means Discrimination Based on Ancestry

489-Mr. Khatami Recognize Baha’i Faith as an Official Religion [2007]

488-A Word with Baha'i Friends [2007]

487-AI, Singularity, and End of Death- [2007]

485-Bypassing IRI National Internet Wall [2007]

484-Malice of Remainders of Savak in U.S. [2007]

483-Reason for War Because of Atomic Program [2007]

482-Iran's Futurist movement: Next Step [2007]

480-Turkey Showed 28-Mordad is not the Problem  [2007]

479-Kurzweil, Harry Potter & Futurist Party  [2007]

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462-Mahdaviat Part II [2006]

461-Forgotten Forest [2006]

459-Time for Making a Futurist Party [2006]

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455-Stopping High-Speed Internet Aims At Private Capital [2006] 

454-Another Look at Islamic Reformists [2006] 

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447-Pluralism and Russell's Logical Atomism [2006]

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439-Turing and AI

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700-Kurds & Formation of Central Government in Iran-Second Edition  [2005]

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427-Alternative Income-Social Justice in Post-Industrial Society

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Support of 60000000

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Daniel Bell – The Break Down of Time, Space, and Society

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Book Review of FUTURIST IRAN  by World Future Society [2003]

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COMMUNIQUE-Forgery of My Email By Savaki Monarchist Criminals [2003]

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* My Condolences to Hooshang Vaziri' s Family and Friends [2003]

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*Anthology: Murder of an Iranian-Canadian Journalist by IRI (Zahra Kazemi) [2003]

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*Anthology: Khordad82 Students' Uprising [2003]

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220-MKO Cult Leaders Must Be Tried for Crimes against Humanity [2003]

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214-About Prince RP & Rob Sobhani [2003]

213-I condemn this petition and consider it despotism [2003]

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211-False Allegations of www.Jonbesh.org ?? [2003]

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205-IDF (Jebhe Demokratik) in the U.S. [2003]

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200-Taking Responsibility: About Reza Pahlavi and Monarchy [2003]

199-Iraq-Islamists Using Freedom to Kill Freedom [2003]

198-My Second Open Letter to Prince Reza Pahlavi [2003]

197-I Condemn the Murder of Ayatollah Khoi by the Islamists [2003]

196-Again and again Worry about Zionism and Palestine instead of Iran [2003]

195-War, U.S., and IRI (I Condemn IRI Provocation of War with the U.S.) [2003]

194-HMI's Anti-Federalism is a Reactionary Position  [2003]

193-Prince Reza Pahlavi Needs to Call for A Constitution Conference  [2003]

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187-What about MojAhedin-e Khalgh? [2003]

186-Shame on Us Iranians for Not Defending Salman Rushdie [2003]

185-Who are the Iranian Monarchists? [2003]

184-مصاحبه 2002 با دکتر ژیلا افاضت از سایت آینده نگر درباره انقلاب 1979

183-ترقی خواهی در عصر کنونی 1987 تجدید چاپ 2003 بمناسبت سالگرد انقلاب 1979

182-Iran and Restructuring of the Middle East (Revisiting shahrivar e 1320) [2003]

180-What if People Voted for Monarchy? [2003]

179-Iranian Leftism is a Reactionary Force [2003]

178-What is Being a Futurist? [New Year 2003]

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176-A Suggestion to American Politicians, INS Officials, and People [2002]

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173-UN Must Stop Criminal Organized Religions [2002]

172-Monarchy Anthology  [2002]

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170-UN and Islamic Kill Orders for Aghajari, Rushdie, Kasravi [2002]

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168-Mr. Khatami: Stoning and Mortad Killing Are Not Private Matters [2002]

167-Don't Put the Genie Back in the Bottle!! [2002]

166-A Short Note about Dr. Sanjabi & Iranian Liberals  [2002]

165-About MEHR.ORG, A Word with Iranian Intellectuals Abroad  [2002]

164-To World Journalists: IRI *Not* Iran  [2002]

163-The Illusion of Reformism in IRI  [2002]

162-My Response to Initiatives to Form a Viable Iranian Alternative  [2002]

161-The Music of Amir Baghiri [2002]

160-Who is Sending Viruses to Iranians??  [2002]

159-Aghajari's Trial is Prosecution of Shi'a Semi-Protestantism!  [2002]

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157-Iran & Saudi Arabia: Monarchies & Islamism  [2002]

156-IRI Making the Next Khatami  [2002]

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154-What Will be Iran's Future Constitution? [2002]

153-Fatwa Killing of Ahmad Kasravi and Others by Islamic Fundamentalists  [2002]

152-Do MelliMazhabis Want IRI to Be Replaced with a Secular Government? [2002]

151-Appeasing MKO is Like Appeasing Nazi Fascism [2002]

150-Noam Chomsky & Edward Said: Why Don't They Condemn IRI Atrocities  [2002]

149-In Defense of Prince Reza Pahlavi  [2002]

148-What is the Responsibility of a Business [2001]

147-What is Wrong with the Palestinian Movement?  [2002]

146-MKO and Leftist Programs: Sacrifices to Replace Omavids with Abbasids  [2002]

145-Prince Reza Pahlavi: What I Think of His Role? [2002]

144-Is Socialism More Just?  [2002]

143-A Letter from former Islamist2002 to Americans in 2010  [2002]

142-A Commentary on Thomas Paine's "Age of Reason" [2002]

141-In Memory of Dr. Yadollah Sahabi  [2002]

140-Mary Shelly & Nanotechnology [2002]

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122-My Memories of Different Iranian Cities [1994]

121-My Followup to All Posts of Islamic Republic Agents

120-SCI/Jebh BB/Others

119-Proxies: Of particular interest to those surfing the net from Iran [2002]

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117-About Madison's Federalist Papers & Federalism In Iran [2002]

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01-Progressiveness in the Present Epoch [1983]



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