A Letter from former Islamist2002 to Americans in 2010




Dear Americans and other Democrats,


Today is April 23, 2010.  I am writing this letter to you to thank you for giving me the freedom of speech when I was an airhead hezbollAhi in 2002.  You were surprised that I could still be supporting the murderous Islamism as late as 2002, but I could not help it, and you still allowed me freedom of speech to speak my mind, and you allowed me even to live in the United States ,and work and enjoy life, as long as I did not take any Jihad actions, and as long as I did not make any death threats, and similar threats that were considered acting out my ideology, which was fair.  I was even allowed to have freedom of association not only in the mosques in the U.S., but even on the SCI newsgroup with my buddy hezbollAhis.  I did not think much of all these until I moved to an Islamist country myself and was surprised that I could not even have 1% of any of these rights even being a sympathizer of Islamism.


You people were so generous to me and especially those Iranian-Americans who believed in secular democracy, who allowed me to post all kinds of Islamist nonsense koshered with swear words, that today, when I read them in 2010, I am amazed of their patience for keeping on to argue with me about my errors of supporting the murderous Jihad of Islamists, against the rest of the world, even though I kept swearing at them.  You allowed freedom of thought not only to KKK, but even to Islamism and Communism, which were not just a little group like KKK, and just against the blacks, but they were serious threats to the whole world, but you still kept your commitment to human rights and free speech.


You allowed freedom of conscience not only to Iranian Islamists but also to Pakistani Islamists, Chinese Communists, and name it, anybody who had a thought, as long as they did not commit murders, or make death threats to the good people of the democratic societies.


You people surely had a system far superior to Islamism, and this is why I am no longer Islamist2002, and today I proudly call myself Secular2010 and counting.  Hoping to talk  to you next year again as Secular2011.



Secular2010 (formerly Islamist2002)

April 23, 2010





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